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Sea lover, pizza and coffee addict. You will find all these things in Donata's music, blended with great passion, simplicity, a bit of retrowave and some sax and flute here and there.
Donata Greco was born and raised in Naples, Italy, where she graduated in music and discovered all the beauty of classical and jazz music. Her curiosity towards other means of expression brought her out of her Country and today she collaborates with musicians and art directors all around the world in so many different music genres such as jazz, funk, folk rock (Maartin Allcock and Cirque des Reves), Metal (Stamina, Crossing The Rubicon, Mathukey), Hip-Hop (M.A.D. Smooth Music) and many more.
Donata is also a very versatile live performer: she has been playing classical neapolitan music in Napulitanata since 2017 and joined the cast of "One Moment In Time - The Whitney Houston Story" (featuring Nya King) as a sax player in 2023, while performing in solo with her live looping set that allows her to freely express herself through improvisation, with all the musical instruments that she loves.

She is a composer, flutist and saxophonist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. She takes all the nostalgia she learned from the classical neapolitan music and combines it with a bit of funky, electronic music, loops and programming.
She loves everything about music, even talking about it and teaching everything she knows through her YouTube channel and online lessons. So feel free to get in touch with her!

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